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Alternative Assets Service

GCP can play a significant role in assisting the trustees and sponsors of pension schemes and of corporate assets to value their investment and management objectives.

Fiduciary management becomes the compelling solutions whereby a significant amount of wealth or assets needs to be managed professionally. This is an innovative concept initiated in the Dutch pension fund market – and increasingly recognized to be an effective governance and business framework that can help pension funds and asset managers to achieve their long-term goals.

GCP has built an introduction platform able to gather a number of asset and investment managers. We understand the need to evaluate complex portfolio with complicated derivative structures and de-risking mechanisms or to handle particularly illiquid portfolios. GCP has highly-qualified teams of specialists with the experience, processes, and capacity to provide holistic fiduciary solutions and valuation work.

Delegation does not mean loss of control

A key concept is the delegation of powers. Delegation does not mean a loss of control. Indeed, we have build together with many asset owners and managers effective strategies to address this point and agreed an operative framework to achieve a successful outcome.

At delegation level I, the fiduciary manager is responsible for the hiring and firing of investment managers with the trustees owning the rest of the investment process. At level I, if the fiduciary manager decided to fire an investment manager it would, after the fact, report that it has made a change and why. As one moves up the pyramid, the as set owners (or trustees) delegate more responsibilities to the fiduciary manager. In practice, the responsibility for setting the risk/return budget will always be retained by the owner.

From the perspective of the corporate sponsor there are clear benefits to fiduciary management:

  • 01

    The knowledge that investments have been delegated to an expert (the fiduciary manager)

  • 02

    The knowledge that the portfolio is being managed effectively

International trade development for SMEs.

Our consultancy services focus on international trade development for SMEs. We offer a wide range of bespoke services for international trade that will guarantee success when you take the plunge into foreign markets. Our team of consultants comprises multilingual experts in diverse and wide ranging industries. Whether you need direct support in winning business in new markets or developing a sound commercial strategy we have the right solution for you through our network of Partners in Africa, Middle East, China, Europe.