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Private Equity Introductions

Private Equity Introductions

Private Equity Introductions

Our private equity introduction work is conducted through several layers of professionals to include SMEs, entrepreneurs and government or regional agencies. Traditional introduction refers to private equity funds, venture capital investors, distressed debt investment firms. GCP have developed substantial expertise and valuable relationships across various industries and geographies. We use an extensive network of lawyers, advisors and consultant to introduce Funds and Investors to special opportunities. We have a demonstrated ability to capitalize on market dislocations in Southern Europe. In periods of strained access to credit for corporates, the combination of traditional buyout approach with an “equity option” allows Direct Lenders and PE investors to achieve superior returns.

Traditional Buy-outs Brokerage

We generally target companies where an entrepreneurial management team is comfortable operating in a leveraged environment. We also pursue solutions where we believe a non-core business owned by a large corporation will function more effectively if structured as an independent entity managed by a focused, stand-alone management team.

Our work have generally been in situations that involved consolidation through merger or follow-on acquisitions; carve outs from larger organizations looking to shed non-core assets; situations requiring structured ownership to meet a seller’s financial goals; or situations in which the business plan involved substantial departures from past practice to maximize the value of its assets.

Distressed Buyouts & Debt Investments

The Funds on our platform target assets with high quality operating businesses but low-quality balance sheets, consistent with a prudential approach to debt restructuring solutions. The distressed securities often include bank debt, public high-yield debt and privately held instruments, sometimes with significant downside protection in the form of a senior position in the capital structure or a pledge on a real estate.

Corporate Partners Buyout

Corporate partner buyouts focus on companies in need of a financial partner in order to consummate acquisitions, expand product lines, buy back stock or pay down debt.