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How to become a Partner?

How to become a Partner?

Know how can you become our Partner

How to become a Partner

Guild Platform is based on a partnership model. There are the Managing Partners, the Investment Partners and selected Sponsors. There are also ad hoc partnerships for single transactions. The partnership is an open architecture model. Our Platform is also suitable for investment and advisory professionals who are looking for an entrepreneurial approach to execute their deals or to work together on a joint fee basis.


Partners have access to Guild Platform infrastructure, deals and investment analysis. They can invest into Guild Capital Club Deals on the same terms as the Managing Partners.

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    Managing Partners

    Current Managing Partners are those entrepreneurs who developed Guild Capital Partner Platform. They are the architects of our comprehensive services and advisory investments platform we are always looking for.

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    Investment Partners

    As an Investment Partner you can co-invest in our Deals or independently select your investment opportunities using the wide client network, investment infrastructure and risk management services tailored ad-hoc by our selected Partners.

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    Guild Sponsors

    You can sponsor our business model and obtain Partner status depending on the size of your commitment and deep participation in our model review. Furthermore, you can also co-invest as well in our Guild Platform deals.